Patient Referral

Spruce Health Group is excited to introduce our new Patient Referral Program. The goal of the program is to invite our patients who are excited about the progress and success they are experiencing to share that with others they think may also benefit from our services. In exchange for each referral shared patients will receive an entry into the clinic quarterly drawing. The winner of each clinics quarterly drawing will receive a $50 gift card, plus exercise bands, water bottle and CBD balm. We must have at least 5 separate participants per clinic in order to hold each quarters drawing.

At the end of each quarter, each clinic will enter the names of those who submitted referrals into that quarter’s drawing. If you have submitted multiple referrals in a quarter you will receive 1 entry for each completed referral.

Winners of quarterly clinic drawings will be notified, and a determination of how best to deliver their gifts will be made (in person or mail).

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